Visited the Galveston Railroad Museum!

I took some great pictures of old rusty trains. Well, some were rusty some were in the process of being repaired. They lost some of their stock during Hurricane Ike and are currently refurbishing as best as a non-profit organization can. It’s a great place hidden by the Strand in town and near the docks for the cruise ship port. They also have some minitures which will reopen in approx. three months and I can’t wait to go back and check it out.

This old train is huge. The next pic with little me standing beside it will give you an idea!

Hard to believe how big they made these locomotives back in the day! Can’t even imagine how much it might weigh.

And this was our conductor on the little train ride they had at the museum. It was a short and sweet ride be very enjoyable!

If you get a chance, make it down to Galveston Texas and take a tour of the museum, it’s well worth it.

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