Stone Cold, no, not the wrestler!

Located at a turn in the road in Hempstead, Texas, there is a field full of statues. Both, small and large and of a wide variety of different subjects you can be amused and amazed by the stone statues they have for sale. Lots of the statues are definitely for graveyard markers but there are plenty of them that would look good in the yards of homes. Some would have to go to strange people or strange places to fit it in. However it’s worth an hour or so to just wander through and see what is there.

Ya have to put the cute one up first!

Who doesn’t like a dog?

A face only a mother could love!
Have you ever felt like someone was watching you?
Go west young man, go west!

OK, so if you find yourself headed northwest out of Houston on Hwy 290, keep an eye out for Frazier’s Ornamental and Architectural Concrete.  Park in the lot and take a walk through the field, you’ll have a good time!

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