Oh how I wish for my younger days.

Skateboards were around but these skateboard parks were on in the imagination of the wild and crazy boarders. Man made and deep as hell, back-breaking concrete with walls that go straight up. Just think, skate parks started when boarders rode in empty swimming pools. Although being arrested at times their ideas carried over through the years and now we build them for these crazed maniacs to ply their trade on wheels.

High Flyer

Whipping their way up and down the walls they manage to fly out of the hole into the air and turn and return back down into the abyss of concrete.


Rolling back down they look for the next move while hoping not to wipe out. Keeping up with them with a camera gets tough!

Watch out!

At times they even seem close enough where you can reach out and touch them!

Taking a breather!

Their human so it’s only natural they take a break from the stunts they perform. It was might warm in the early evening and I’m sure the concrete in the holes was putting off some good heat rays while they skated.

Look ma! No feet!

It is amazing what little things they start out doing and graduate into the absolutely insane tricks that only exist in their minds. This shot was one of the younger, less talented skaters, but he does show promise!

These guys where having fun at the “Lee and Joe Jamail Skate Park” in Houston, Texas. It’s located right next to the Sabine Street bridge near Buffalo Bayou. Go down and watch the guys fly around. It’s very entertaining and I’ll definitely make my way back for more photos!

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