An afternoon on Buffalo Bayou!

Running through the heart of Houston is a waterway that was used by the founders of H-town. Many years ago the Allen brothers floated up the waterway and landed in what in now downtown Houston. Fitingly the spot is now called “Allen’s Landing”. It’s now used for parties, city events and just a good old afternoon picnic. Sad to say it is also the home to some of Houston’s homeless community.

It’s a cool little area on the hillside next to Buffalo Bayou. In the summer you can see the Dragon Boat races and other fun activities.

Today some people from our Photowalk club took a ride down the bayou to see what there was to see. As the photos show it was an interesting afternoon. We rented a pontoon boat complete with a boat captian for the ride and he took us for and hour and a half boat ride.

Below are a few of the pictures I took during the ride. ENJOY!


A view of town from the starting point.



A alien spaceship? Naw, just some street lights.







An old railroad draw bridge under the newer highways.


Roads over roads over roads




2 thoughts on “An afternoon on Buffalo Bayou!

  1. I love these pics!!! You asked me a question last week on my blog about how many blocks of Art was the pic. Its kind of hard to explain because the Blocks are looooooooooong. But that whole area of the Mission has art up and down the Alleys. Most of Mission and Soma (South of Market) have blocks of Art in the Alleys.

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