August 2nd -Summer Vacation Day 2

Day 2 and I managed to get on the road a couple of hours earlier than yesterday. I made it simple and just headed north until I had to change directions. I went north on Huffmeister until it dead ended at Muesche. I turned right and headed out until I noticed a park on the left as I flew by it. I made a U-turn and game back. Down near the end of a dead I found Kleb Nature Park.

I entered the park and found a spot to park my car. From the parking lot you have to walk down to the Nature Center office.

A road runner crossing, but I saw no birds

It was a short walk down between the trees and I came to the office.

Found the office and the manager was out to lunch

It was quiet and I never came upon any of the other visitors while I was there. I continued down the path to old Kleb house and took photos of the old farm equipment and plants near the house.

After the farm equipment near the barn was photographed I made my way to the old house. Lots of flowers :

Found a little fluttery flyer
A lone tomato in the garden was a surprise

I was busy with the camera so I’ve decided to create a part 2 on day 2 for the rest of the pictures. Please stay tuned for the continuation and day 3 up soon.

All the pictures from the trip can be found here.

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