August 3rd – Summer Vacation Day 3

Day 4 is almost over and I’m just getting around to posting Day 3. I had a good trip, only got lost 4 or 5 times. It’s amazing all the things I’m able to find when I’m lost.

I always get started ona road I know

Driving down the road I look for a street name that is unfamiliar or that I know I’ve never been on.

Ok, now that I’ve made the turn I need to find a street that I’ve never heard of. Looking hard I came to what I needed.

OK, now that I found a good spot to get lost, lets see what I can find.

A good two lane road out in the middle of who knows where.

The dark spots on the road are heat waves coming up off the highway. It’s been so damn hot in Texas lately I’m surprised the roads haven’t melted. There isn’t much shade on the road either. And all that dead grass that crunches under your feet.

This guy has shade.

This guy found some shade and made some of his own. He gave me a slice of watermelon which was good. They were nice ,large, red and tasted good. He wanted 10 bucks and I didn’t have that much cash so I settled for a 3 dollar cantaloupe. It’s in my frig waiting to be sliced and eaten, maybe tomorrow.

I found quite a few homes on the back roads that I never knew existed in the country.

Find more back road homes here
Of course I found some more churches while I was out there:

And a little cemetery with a historical marker:

I even found things in the country that should be found in the country:

Then I came across some art work cut out of metal and installed in a gate. Someone did some great metal working on these”. One on each side of the gate.

It was so hot that day that even the cattle looked for a place to relax:

If you want to live on a ranch with 16 acres of property, here is the place to go!

It's also loaded down with lots of trees.

As I was wandering down a road and thinking I was lost I came upon a historical park I visited before in years past. It’s a park dedicated to Stephen F Austin and the city of San Felipe!

Texas is the land of historical markers and I found this one just down the road from SFA park:

By this time of the day I was ready to look for a familiar road so I could find my way home. I drove further south and took a few more photographs and found a road that would get me back to town and my apartment.

So I headed my car –  and headed in that direction and made for town and the familiar confines on my apartment and my barking dog.    

 Find all the pictures I took on my flickr site

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