Summer Vacation – Day 5 – Rest

Taking the pictures the first four days was easy. Driving almost 600 miles in four days was grueling along with this damn heat. I spent most of the day posting day 3 which included editing all the pictures from day 4 also. I had a good time this week so far and not looking forward to the back to work routine.

I bought some new lenses I hope to start using soon and posting the results here for your pleasure. I started this post too late at night and starting to show the signs of sleep deprivation. Gonna have to finish this later.

Oooooooooooooh wh0aaa is me. Later got real later. I took the break to finish this later I ended up in the hospital a week after on Thursday morning . I went in because I was having some pain in my lower leg. I got to the ER and it was barren, no customers except me. I checked in and was sent back to a ER room. While they were checking me out one of the doctors thought he heard me wheezing. Upon further inspection and x-rays it was determined that I had pneumonia! Yikes!! Within an hour they were pumping me full of antibiotics and other meds for the pneumonia and an infection in my leg. About four hours later they moved me up to a room and the excruciating wait to get out of medical hell began.

I had an IV in my arm from the time I got to the room until and hour before I was released Sunday night. It’s no fun trying to push the IV cart to the bathroom and then trying to hold the robe and iv tube out-of-the-way while going to the bathroom. The hospital bed was no fun either. It was a pain in my butt and back the whole time I was there. The bed gave me more harassment than my disease. Being poked and prodded at all hours of the day sucks also. Blood sugar checks, blood pressure checks, temperature checks, blood oxygen levels, drawing blood samples, pills and nurses. I can say most of the nurses were nice. The food was good. And then there were the breathing treatments I had to have.

I look like an alien from outer space!


Don’t say a word about the pens in my pocket!!!!  It was easier to keep them there instead of having to pick them up from the floor. I had a Sudoku puzzle book and crossword book. I also had my computer brought p to keep me from being bored.

I almost forgot, I also had a heart monitor on too. Six spots of adhesive patches with wires running up my gown and into the pocket of my gown. That was another minor annoyance. Finally, when the doc showed up Sunday morning he said it was time get out of jail! Whew, I hope I don’t have to do that again for a long time.

Well, Day five ended up being a day of rest. Day six, Saturday I went to the Astro’s game on  a special promotion ticket deal which was cool. Got some pics from the game I’ll add later.

OK, I’ve been home for three days now and am feeling much better. Time to get my butt outdoors and take some more pictures. I’ve added some tools to my camera equipment. I got a lensbabie scout and some accessories and need to get out and play with those to learn how to use them. With that in mind, y’all take care and look for more pictures to view soon!

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