Labor Day 2011

The last day of a long weekend and I went to the beach. Managed to burn my toes and lower legs. Sunburn that is. While cooking my feet I did manage to take some pictures. A busy day at the beach lends itself to plenty of things to photograph. Starting with:

A lonely shell uncovered by the surf.


The shells then began to appear in groups. 🙂


Birds became my favorite subject of the day!


Splash Landing


My favorite bird, one-legged sea gull found some food.


He let me get close to take the picture the first time I noticed him!


This guy just walked by looking for leftovers


Kids always make good subjects, this one brought her own shade.


Cute little girl was with the people next to us.


The kids on the other side decided to dig a hole to sit in.


Lots of people were brave enough to let their friends bury them!


The day was hot, sunny and windy. Too much wind that I couldn’t get my kite up into the sky! As soon as the pain in my toes subsides I’ll be ready to go back to the beach a do it again! I love the beach but don’t quite get there as much as I would like. This visit was at Surfside beach in Texas.

Take care & take more pics!









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