Who the heck is Snakebit Sal?

Well, it would be me. My name is Bill Thomas.    Thats me a few years ago ( 15 or so).

I grew up in western Pennsylvania in a small town famous for being Joe Namath’s home town.

 Joe Namath

If you still don’t know where it is I guess I’ll have to tell you! Beaver Falls is/was a small mill town until the steel industry went out of business, many believe the reason was it couldn’t compete with the foreign competition from Japan and Europe. After high school and two years of junior college, Beaver Falls High School and the Community College of Beaver County, I found my self joining the U.S. Navy Seabees. I did a four-year tour and got out in  1976. Jobs were still available in the steel mills so I went to work for Babcock & Wilcox Tubular Products. When the industry started to slow down I made my way south to Houston to find work. After bumping around at a few different jobs, I ended up at Lark Heat Treating.

For the ast 25 years I have been working here. When I started we only had the first bay (the one behind the little shed). We’ve grown over the years and I managed  to make it into a supervisory position.

After three kids, the last still in college at Texas A&M:

Erin - Amy - Jake


Erin just graduated with a Masters in Liberal Arts, Amy has a year left at A&M and Jake decide to go to work after school.

I also have 1 more kid, she has big ears :

Freda, the adopted child


After all the years putting up with kids, work and the hot ass weather in Texas, I now look like this:

Nah, it's from my recent hospital visit for pneumonia, the bed hurt my butt more than the disease.


Here is the real me after all those years:

Yes, I do still have hair under my hat!

Well, whether you know me as Snake Bit Sal, Luv2shootpics, Bill or a few other aka’s I went by, you now know the face behind the names!

Take care ands take more pics!




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