2011 Alief International Parade

It’s a small community parade, but it’s fun to take pictures of the local community showing it’s support for the people, schools, business’s and government in their community. Alief is a small community in southwest Houston, Texas. Houston has many communities but this one in particular shows their support with this parade. Below are just some of the participants in this years parade. Please browse through them and if you live in the neighborhood, see if you can find someone you might know!


The Community Association for the Parade


The bands are always in the parades. Here are some of the individuals in some of the bands who you miss unless you know them and are looking for them.


Lonely drums before the parade!



Reflections in the Tuba!




The schools also showed their support!








The Junior ROTC groups also were marching in the parade.





The politicians always manage to get into the parade and are either sitting in the back of a convertible or driver a hot car or truck!




Wait a minute, this is no politician, he's a salesman!


My favorite in any parade are the small kids. They so candid and cute you can’t help but love them.


This guy was a spectator.






There are also always those few people who just happen to show up along the parade route. They don’t seem interested in the parade, they are just doing their thing!

This guy was working down in a hole but seemed to have time for a phone call!


This gentleman just happened to be stroling along the sidewalk on his way to wherever.


And I had to finish with the sheriffs patrol and their horses. This texas and we do ride horses. Well, some of us do!


It was fun and the weather cooled off for the morning making it pleasant to be out and enjoying a civic event!





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