Follow the directions!

A week ago one of my photo groups had a GPS Photo Safari. It’s where you input GPS coorinates and follow them to a location. If you did it correctly, you wind up at the correct spot and take a picture of the location. You then get direections to the next spot and off you go again. We did it with just the GPS coordinates which made it easy. Usually you only get clues and have to calculate the next set of  coordinates. Doing it that way makes it a little tricky.

I’ve posted a few pictures I took along the trip.

Our starting point and lunch

The second set of coordinates seemed a little off. We ended up at the end of a dead end road. I took a photo just in case.

From the farm at the end of the road!

The next three spots were at or near Cynthia Woods Pavaillion in the Woodlands.  First was the Pavillion Park next to the theater.

Nic grassy area to take it easy!
A statue at the top end of the park!
My parking spot


The next spot was down along the river walkway  at a Plaza.



Wet Jets




A look down along the riverway


The last stop was further down along the walkway near the end at a bridge over the riverway.

Some people travel the waterway by boat


and some families traveled on the water


Nature Statue


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I almost forgot the Bridge(s)!

Bridge #1


Bridge #2


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