A Day in Huntsville Texas

One of my photo meet-up groups had a photowalk in Huntsville on Saturday. I spent the first hour and a half driving in dense fog. Once the fog lifted it was a great day and we got some nice pictures. We visited the Texas Prison museum first and  then went to the downtown area and got a guided tour. After a warm sunny stroll around the courthouse and lots of pictures, we called it a day. So here for your enjoyment are some of the pictures I took of Huntsville.

Even at the museum the guard in the tower is seen first

The star at the top of the museum monument

Spring Beauty

A few minutes here was plenty

This chair claimed lots of prisoners lives

The prisoners had lots of time and talent

Artwork by a prisoner made of toilet paper
A cut out of a hand drawn picture

Texas prisons have an annual rodeo

A model of the prison rodeo stadium

After the morning visit to the museum we headed downtown for our guided tour.  The group was split in two and off we went. Our guides walked us around and showed us historical landmarks and interesting buildings. The town is in the beginnings of a renovation to restore the buildings and bring in people to visit town. Huntsville has been designated a “Texas Main Street City”

The courthouse is in the center of town

Walker County Courthouse

Across the street from the courthouse

First Methodist Church

Some storefronts are artistically painted on

Roche Family Dentistry Building……..

 …… is where y0u would have found Sam Houston whittling.

The coke bottle was made in the Huntsville Tex bottling plant. For those who remember, the name was embossed on the bottom of the bottles

A place to relax in the yard outside the courthouse. Our group used it well!

The courthouse gazebo

The  day we were there the Girl Scouts had a parade. Even though it was a small group they were given police who stopped traffic to allow them to march across the main street of town!

Part of the Girl Scout parade

Although no movies are shown here anymore, they do have plays performed on occasion.

The old Town Theater

On a closing note. Huntsville does know who the important  people in town are!

Parking space for the jail cook

We all had a good time in Huntsville and I for one plan on going back for another visit to find the things I missed on this trip.

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