Spirit at Texas A&M

Texas A&M University

 Spirit drifts through the air!

Even when classes aren’t changing and students not moving about the campus, you can feel an aura of friendship and togetherness just walking around. I went to visit my daughter yesterday. She is attending A&M and will graduate next summer. I took my camera along to take some pictures and we ended up going over to the campus to shoot a few pictures. We started at the Aggie Bonfire Memorial. The feeling of loss hits you as you start reading the memorial comments from the students who lost their lives that day while building the yearly bonfire.

A block at the start of the walkway with 1909 represents the year they started having bonfires.

As you walk along the path to the memorial you notices notches in the blocks, these represent the years of the bonfires. There is a break in the blocks at 1963, this was the only year they had no bonfire due to the assassination of President Kenedy.

The walkway to the memorial

The pillars represent each students life that was lost and the opening stands for the gap of the missing student. When you enter the gap you are  filling the void left by the student!

The memorial circle.

The inserts you can see in the circle blocks represent the injured students.

********* to be continued *********

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