Calling All Creatives :: Collaboration #2!


Calling All Creatives :: Collaboration #2!

Here are the facts:

Quotography is creating an image that is inspired by a quote. And, turns out, it is also a collaborative, creative effort between photographers all over the world. Finally, it’s an experience that Nick and I are very proud to have shared with all of you. =)

Out of 35 participants, we received 67 image submissions. It was our biggest collaborative group project yet!! (Mostly because it was our only collaborative group project to date. But let’s not cloud the issue with facts!) The point is, we are taking this success to heart – we have enjoyed working on this project, and working with you – the best group of creatives on the planet. So much so, in fact, that we’ve already got our next project in the works.

First and foremost, we want to thank all of you for putting so much effort into making the Quotography project a success. We want your feedback – what did you think of the collaboration? We know it was difficult, but we also knew you were up for the task. What we don’t know…did it get your creative juices flowing? Did you enjoy the challenge? What feedback do you have for the future?

Nick and I spent some time studying the images submitted, and on our end, we were impressed with the level of creativity that people brought to the table.  You set a high bar, and we are ready to rise to the project-planning-challenge!

During our brainstorm-phone-calls over the last week, Nick and I discussed several themes we wanted to include in our next collaboration. We are obviously big proponents of creative thinking, and we both believe 100% in the power of a supportive, community environment. We intend for these projects to be an extension of our motto of “creatives helping creatives”.

Keeping that in mind, we have a long term plan that will involve interspersing creative inspiration months (much like the Quotography project) with skill development projects such as this month’s theme…Long Exposures!

Silky Smooth

Silky Smooth

To participate in this project, you will need a camera that has adjustable time values, and something solid to set it on/hold it in place – a table, rock, cardboard boxes, stacks of unopened junk mail, a remote control just to prop the lens off the ground, your little sister’s pink and white Barbie dresser (you know…the one with the broken drawer and the Polly Pocket stickers along the side), my steering wheel and a sweatshirt…(yes, that actually happened!)… Oh, or a tripod, I suppose.

Now, for some of you this is old hat…and for others, it’s a new skill you’re just picking up.  As is the way with a community, Nick and I will be happy to provide guidance to those who need it, starting with mini-tutorials and photo-examples over the next few days.  We hope that some of our more experienced Long-Exposure-ographers will also be willing to answer some questions for those who need it. =)

No matter how you slice it, we are challenging you ALL to create an image using long exposure with your camera.  Of course, we understand that “long” is subjective…Capturing the blur of a hummingbird’s wings takes a lot less time than capturing star trails, or the streaming lights of cars on a highway. Unless it’s the Autobahn. Then I imagine it’s about the same.

There is no set “time value” to use for this project, but we encourage you all to be creative both with your camera settings and with your ideas of what to capture! (PG13 please!)  Seriously, the more inventive the better.  While this is a skill building exercise, and a skill that you will need to understand for future collaborations (hint hint!!), it is also supposed to be fun! And creative!  And creatively fun!

If you are interested in participating, we would love a heads up so we know to expect your photos. We would also LOVE it if you shared the fun.  Invite some friends to come and play.  Reblog. Smoke signals or sign language.  Whatever you need to do to share the creativity!

You can submit up to three images to, though fewer is fine.  The deadline for this project will Sunday June 3, midnight.

As always, keep an eye on the NickExposed and Seeing Spots Photo Facebook pages for updates. Or just to say Hi.  We like that. =)

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