A Day at the Dog Park.

I spent the morning at the Millie Bush Dog Park today. My son and my basset hound Frieda joined me as our photo group spent a couple hours taking pictures of dogs as they ran around the park. There was a good turnout of various sizes and shapes of dogs. Some little you had to be sure you didn’t step on them and others that looked big enough to drag you across the park. The ones that like to chase things, ones that followed balls into the water pond and the ones who just laid there. All in all it was a good day weather wise and made for an enjoyable picture taking opportunity.



Millie Bush-1 Millie Bush-1-8 Millie Bush-1-9 Millie Bush-1-10 Millie Bush-1-11 Millie Bush-1-12 Millie Bush-1-13 Millie Bush-1-14 Millie Bush-1-15 Millie Bush-1-16 Millie Bush-1-17 Millie Bush-1-18 Millie Bush-1-19 Millie Bush-1-20 Millie Bush-1-21 Millie Bush-1-22 Millie Bush-1-23 Millie Bush-1-24 Millie Bush-1-26 Millie Bush-1-27 Millie Bush-1-28 Millie Bush-2-2 Millie Bush-3-4 Millie Bush-5-4 Millie Bush-18-7 Millie Bush-19-6 Millie Bush-20-5

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