2013 Houston Japanese Art Festival

 A yearly festival that the local Japanese put on a display at Herman Park and into the Japanese Garden. Local arts and crafts along with talents and shows displaying the Japanese culture. I luckily get to walk around and take pictures.

Japan Festival-1 Japan Festival-1-2

2013 Japan Festival-1-31 2013 Japan Festival-1-29 2013 Japan Festival-1-27 2013 Japan Festival-1-26 2013 Japan Festival-1-16 2013 Japan Festival-1-17 2013 Japan Festival-1-18 2013 Japan Festival-1-19 2013 Japan Festival-1-20 2013 Japan Festival-1-15 2013 Japan Festival-1-13 2013 Japan Festival-1-10 2013 Japan Festival-1-7 2013 Japan Festival-1-2

2013 Japan Festival-1-32

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