Color Mania 5k Houston

Color Mania is a family friendly event that focuses less on results and more on creating a fun colorful experience with your friends and family. Sign up as a solo walker/runner or create a team to participate in Color Mania. Color Maniacs, as they are known, come from all different walks of life. So, no matter what shape, size, age or speed you are, you’ll be sure to have a blast at a Color Mania event.


I was able to attend as a photographer with our photowalk group. Here are some “COLORFUL” pictures of the event.



Color Mania-1 Color Mania-1-44 Color Mania-1-41 Color Mania-1-39 Color Mania-1-37 Color Mania-1-36 Color Mania-1-31 Color Mania-1-30 Color Mania-1-27 Color Mania-1-19 Color Mania-1-18 Color Mania-1-12 Color Mania-1-11 Color Mania-1-6 Color Mania-1-5 Color Mania-1-4 Color Mania-1-3 Color Mania-1-2

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