It’s getting oh so close!

OK, it’s Sunday, February 23rd …… Here are todays pictures. The bricks have it looking more like a house and the drywall is starting to add character to the inside. Already making plans for what goes where when we move in!

New Home-1-36 New Home-1-37 New Home-1-38 New Home-1-39 New Home-1-40 New Home-1-41 New Home-1-42 New Home-1-43 New Home-1-45 New Home-1-46 New Home-1-47 New Home-1-48 New Home-1-49 New Home-1-50

2 thoughts on “It’s getting oh so close!

  1. Wow… that’s looking nice, Bill. Those guys don’t screw around. Like the vaulted ceiling in the great room. And the brick work is well done… some nice details. Let me know when you are ready for window shades! Can get you Hunter Douglas at a nice price.

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