Lets Get Back to Blogging!

Well now, procrastination time is over. Lets get some photos on my Blog. I decided to put up some of the photos I took at this years Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk.

We always start the walk on .patio of The University of Houston, Downtown Campus. This allows for some shots of downtown Houston before we walk thru downtown after dark.


Lots of different shots from the patio give the photographers plenty of chances to practice their craft!



 Timed photos make for pictures with light streams without seeing the cars creating them. It’s fun to see what you an catch with your camera.



Lights under the bridge make for a dramatic effect, while tail lights of cars heading into town give you a stream of red.


Just a few blocks walk down into town you’ll run across Market Square Park. There is food, live entertainment(most nights), a dog park and this amazing sculpture/statue. I have yet to figure out what it is supposed to represent, but it is kind of cool! (My daughter has informed me that this object does have a name! It is called “Points of View”.) And for the curious, I looked up some info the sculpture:

Historical Background


James Surls has played an important role in the Houston art community. He taught at the University of Houston’s School of Art, was the founding director of UH’s Lawndale Art and Performance Center and was the organizer of the FIRE! Exhibition, which included works by 100 Texas artists. Surl’s work can be seen in many collections and exhibitions around the United States.

Points of View was installed as part of the Market Square Park renovation in 1991-1992.

Physical Description
Points of View is an abstract sculpture made of treated pine and painted steel and is mounted on a concrete base.

The sculpture rises from its base on five metal legs that merge to form spirals from which planks made of pine relate to the form of a pinecone. Twenty-five elongated, wooden planks protrude from the bottom and top of the spiral form. The protrusions at the bottom project out in a parallel direction, while the protrusions at the top project upward.

  • Artist: Surls, James (1943 – )
  • Title: Points of View
  • Date: 1991, Dedicated 1992
  • Type: Sculpture
  • Medium: Sculpture: wood (pine) and steel
  • Dimensions: Sculpture: 25′ x 8′ x 4′ Base: 3″ x 54″
  • Foundry/Fabricator: Unknown
  • Location/Environment: Market Square Park, Outdoors
  • _________________________________________________wwpw-10-1-2016-1-13

J.P.Morgan Chase entrance to their building is pretty striking. There were also a couple more that caught my attention.



The Islamic Center building entrance was very interesting and nicely lit for photographic opportunities.



This amazing glass structure was still under construction and I was unable to  determine what company will be occupying it when completed.



While on the patio there were a few gents walking along the railroad. I got this guy headed back our way a little before a train came chugging by.

I always enjoy this walks. You get to hangout with lots of friendly people and take photos of anything and everything as you travel down the streets of Houston. When get down the street we all meet up at Bombay Pizza. If you come to town, you’ll have to stop by and try pizza in some exotic ways.

I’ll get back to posting again soon and hope you enjoy a few of my newest photographs.