McKinney Park in Austin Texas

McKinney Park-1-8

 I was visiting my daughter in Austin a couple of months ago and decided to go to this park near her home. While walking along I noticed this deer hiding in the bushes. Since it didn’t want to come out for a better photo op I decided to get the picture while I could!

McKinney Park-1-2

With the drought we have been experiencing in Texas for the last couple years and we had to make due with little color in the surroundings of the parks vegetation.  These berries on the bushes were the only things that didn’t seem dead.

 McKinney Park-1-3

The other bush with color in a lot of brown bushes and  weeds.

 McKinney Park-1-5

It’s hard to tell, but there was a little water in the river. This guy happened to float by and added to my day.

 McKinney Park-1-6

The park has two sets of waterfalls when there is water running down through the river. As you can see they were very dry.

McKinney Park-1-7

Caught up in the low water is debris that normally would flow downstream.

 McKinney Park-1

This guy looks like he wanted to help with the water level!