Third down and 5 yards to go for a TD, the QB ……..

…… hands off to the running back. He dives into the line and ……. ahhhhhhhhhhh, it’s a fumble!

I went out to eat tonight. Applebee’s had a very nice three cheese mac & cheese topped with chicken tenders and some sweet tea to cool the pallet. About three fourths of the way thru dinner my realtor called. Hmmmmm, wonder what’s up? After I got to my truck, opened the phone and checked my voice mail, she left me a message that the builder called and said there was a problem with the house. Therefore, I immediately hit the recall button. After a brief hello, hello, she tells me that the slab was poured too far back into the yard, no problem there. However, there is no cover over the patio!

NO cover over the patio????????
NO cover over the patio????????


WHAT, that sure looks like a roof over the patio!

OK, here is the problem!

"Telephone Pole"
“Telephone Pole”

The “Telephone Pole” is the problem. It appears that the location of the “Telephone Pole” is too close to the roof of the patio. It seems that since yesterday when I went out to check out how things were going they have taken the roof off the patio due to the easement restriction with the “Telephone Pole.

To say that I was pissed about it would be putting it mildly. There was ONLY ONE THING I wanted in my house, a covered patio.

I went out tonight and met my realtor, not believing that the roof wasn’t there. Oh well, I was totally bummed went I got to the back of the house. The builder, LGI, when selling their houses talked about how they are a leading builder in the country. Well, I was a believer until now! I now will see what they will do to keep me a believer! We have a meeting scheduled for Wednesday to work something out to stay on schedule. We shall see what we shall see!   I better go light a candle for some for assistance from above!

Update will come Wednesday!!!