Comicpalooza came to town!

The 2012 Houston Comicpalooza

I  got out of the apartment on this holiday weekend for an event that sounds tame. Comic books is no big deal, right?  Wrong!

I learned quickly when I pulled into the parking lot and started seeing people dressed in some unusual costumes. OK, normal people don’t dress up as comic book characters or do they? Well they do but as far as being normal I couldn’t prove a thing. The variety and complexity of what people dressed up as went from sort of plain to a little creepy. I did run into one familiar face as I walked around. A comic book store owner where I used to buy my comics.

I proceeded to take some pictures to share so I can be believed.

These guys are an example of where my day was headed!

The next three pictures were of a gentleman getting himself painted by an artist for Texas Art Supply!

He turned his head as I took the picture which blurred his face.

As you can see the range of costumes varied greatly. The colors and originality was fantastic!


And finally I found an artist at work. This is where a comic book starts.