August 1, 2011 ….. Summer Vacation – Day 1

Wouldn’t ya know it, I slept in. It would have helped if I went to bed early. I stayed up late watching BB13 and a movie. I finally got up about noon. I took Freda for a walk and gave her a treat like she gets after every walk. Yes, she is one spoiled basset hound. Afterwards I sat down to cool off and check my e-mail. It’s been hot as hell in Texas this year. Severe drought has added to our woes. You’ll notice in the pictures the grass is dry and brown.

Ok, finally ready to hit the road. Got up, grabbed my camera and gear and headed out the door. I began my day headed west on Hwy 529. My mind was on the drive when I realized I didn’t have a notebook to make notes of where I went and what I did. There was no way I’d remember everything I did all day and what I had seen. I also hadn’t eaten, so I pulled into Micky D’s and got a dbl. quarter pounder with cheese, fries and a diet coke. I ate and then drove across the street to Kroger and got a pen and notebook.

Ok, back on the highway and wouldn’t ya know it, “road construction:


What is it with trips and road construction? Thank heaven it was short and at the beginning of the trip. Got thru that mess in a minimal amount of time and back to speeding down the highway. About 15 miles down the road I made a right turn onto Hockley Road. Just up the road a few miles was Paul D. Rushing Park:

It’s a great park and out in the middle of nowhere. They baseball fields, a playground, dog parks and even 2 Cricket pitches (someone correct me if I’m wrong on that). It also looks like they may be expanding the park.

Ball field management building
Cricket Scoreboard
Looks like a fun place to play
This sign worried me being in a public park

Left the park and went back out and to the left on Hockley Road. Drove a few miles and found a small road to the right. With a name like House & Hall it seemed like a safe place to go. A little way down the road I knew I was about to get lost. I found a Christmas tree farm :

surprised they were growing with the lack of rain we are experiencing

The brown grass means a lack of food for the cattle out in the country:

Lucky these guys have a water trough to get drinks

Great, now I’m lost on a back road and now I come to a detour. Next thing I know I’m in the middle of new construction:

Out of nowhere I find new homes being built
I know I’m lost but there has to be a road around here somewhere that I recognize. I came across a nice little pedestrian bridge along the way:

The next road I didn’t know was N. Bridgelands Lake Parkway. At least I’m now in civilization, even if all the people around are construction workers or utilities workers. I decided it was safe to keep going. Surprise, I’m soon back on House & Hall road but soon find myself on Hempstead Hwy and I know where i’m at.  The day is still early so I make my way back to  529 and head west again. This time I get to Belleville where I started for.

The road into town.
which leads right up to the county court-house

I drove through and headed west out-of-town on Hwy 36 headed toward Brenham. After reaching Brenham I headed east on the freeway until I got to Chappell Hill. I stopped and got an iced tea to drink and headed out on a side road FM 1371 to see some more sites and here is the first thing I found:

And the sheriff was stopped there talking

After turning left and only a mile down the road was a beautiful church:

St. Stanislaus Catholic Church
Nice work on the entry door
And a great little monument to kids

I followed FM 1371 until I got to FM 1456 and found some interesting buildings along the way.

I couldn't read the sign on this little church
An old abandoned church
This guy was along the roadside in a field, didn't seem like anyone to mess with

Made it to Brenham and took a few pics before heading home. The county courthouse looked like a good opportunity:

with its neat bell tower out front
And I saw this on my way out-of-town, a little color in a building