A photoblog by Bill.

Photography is a great way to express ones inner thoughts. You try to capture what you see and have it cause people to think. So much art seems to make you try to interpret what the artist is trying to say. Photography tends to capture what life is trying to say. People, places and things have a way of catching your eye and we photographers try to save it as we see it. Once saved it remains as something to remember for a lifetime and more!

I’m trying record and save memories here for myself, my friends, my fellow photographers and the rest of the world who wants to browse my posts and comment as they see fit, good or bad!

I never would have believed that I would take so many pictures in a life time. I have been fortunate and lucky and had one of my pictures  published in a book.  It is called “Art Takes Time Square 2012”. It is a collection of work by people who entered their talent on the web site https://luvs2shootpics.see.me/ .

I may never get rich, but being able to capture life with a camera will keep me happy when I retire. A simple yet complex device makes taking pictures and then computer software gives you the ability to edit and make it better or give it an artistic flare.

Displayed on these post pages will be my work for all to enjoy and comment on. I hope y’all have as much fun looking at them as I have had taking them!

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