A night (or two) at the Movies, week #2.

Well, well, well!

A new week and two more visits to the outdoor movies. This week they were having John Hughes and the “Brat Pack” movies. On Tuesday we went to see “Sixteen Candles”. Do you remember Long Duc Dong? Then on Wednesday night we saw “The Breakfast Club”.  How many of y’all are old enough to remember the actors and then realize that they have grown to adulthood and have their own teenagers!

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All the photos were taken in, on, around or as darn close as I could get to take the shot I was after.  These were taken over two days while I wondered around waiting for the movies to start. The theater is across the parking lot from the Houston  Zoo and in the heart of the museum district. It’s a great place to visit if you are ever in town!

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