Texas Weather slows construction ……

It’s only been a few days, but the weather is one thing that can slow down construction workers. Tuesday morning we woke to a little ice storm rolling thru the south.

Frozen Fir
Frozen Fir


Broken Branches
Broken Branches



Property Damage
Property Damage



It was a cold icy day.

The next day was cool, wet and a bad hair day. After work I had to go out for some shopping. At a stop at the local Sears hardware store I happened to turn around and what to my amazement had appeared.

A beautiful Rainbow!
A beautiful Rainbow!


Well, hopefully the work on the house is continuing so I can move in my the middle of April!




One thought on “Texas Weather slows construction ……

  1. Probably seems like a pain now.. but when you’re settled in you’ll look back and laugh.. and have some good stories to go with it all! 🙂

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