A memorial to our fallen heroes!

On a break from lunch today, I took a ride down to a local county park. Bear Creek park is located in Northwest Harris County. It has facilities for baseball, soccer, a running track, horseshoe pits, basketball courts and animals on display to view. At the southern end of the park is a memorial to military veterans.

In a neatly manicured little park, there are monuments for veterans of all wars and military services. It’s well shaded by large trees and a pavilion that could accommodate about 100 people. At one end are the monuments with the names of fallen military service members from World War I to the present conflicts our country is involved in. Lest we forget we have paid a large price for the freedoms we take for granted. My father served in WW II and I lost an uncle that I never got to know in the Korean conflict. Personally I feel all men coming out of high school or college would benefit from serving our country for two years. Many men have made careers out of the military and others have learned discipline from serving in the service. Job skills can be learned while in the military and could lead to a smooth transition into the work force. I could go on and on about the benefits serving our country could have, but I just enjoyed the memorial area today while taking pictures around the park.

I added a few of those pictures here for you to enjoy and maybe remember a friend or loved on from your life. Please have a good day and enjoy the weekend!

These are a few of the monuments located in the memorial area. All filled with names.

Flowers around the memorial area.

Cool pink/red flower.
Lots of trees to supply cool shady areas out of the sun.
Across the street is a little pond where the bird family's make their home!



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