Toying Around

I was sitting around and thought I might play around with my editing software. As a result here are 4 pictures I decided to modify a little. Enjoy!


This was a lighted decoration hanging from the tree they had along the walkways. The Discovery Green park area was decorated with lots of artisitic items for this event.


This is the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston. At the winterfest they had special lighting effects up on the buidling. The people in the foreground are actually ice skating!

This is a world globe made of stone located in “The Heights” section of Houston. I was waiting with a group of people and thought this a unique piece of work.

This is a photo I took during an event our photo-meetup group goes to every year. It the Zombie Walk and as you can imagine, all the people who participate dress up as Zombies and parade along the street for a mile or so all in an effort to raise money. The photo is a manaquin in a store window and I caught the reflection of hedges behind me across the street. The combination made for an interesting picture!

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