August 2nd – Summer Vacation Day 2 (Cont.)

Day 2 found me stopping along the roadside to take a few odd/interesting pictures. Road signs, houses, people, traffic ethnic communtity centers and on and on. I have to get a little braver about pulling off/alongside the road. I takes a little practice to stop suddenly from 70 mph and get a photo. I am getting better at u-turns however. Well, lots more pics to see so lets get started.

A Vietnamese cultural center had some unique statues

Also guarding the Vietnamese center was this little fellow.

A few homes caught my eyes so naturally I had to stop and photograph them.

Do you have a horse in your front yard?
New subdivisions in Texas these days add little lakes

Some of these man made lakes serve a second more serious purpose. Being out in rural areas they serve as the water source for the firetrucks because of the lack of fire hydrants.

Speaking of fire trucks, guess what I found in a front yard!

An oldie but goodie.

An entrance into a subdivision that never got built:


The entrance was supposed to be between these structures.

I was almost home when i was passing a local Catholic church. We go here for friday fish fries during lent.

My Flickr site with all the pictures


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