August 4th – Summer Vacation Day 4

Well I made it back to work today which means my vacation is over. I figured it was time to catch up on my vacation experiences. Getting back to road trips day 4 was spent in downtown Houston at Market Square. I like this unique little park surrounded by Congress, Milam, Travis and Preston Streets. It’s only one small square block but it contains many sights and sounds. Plants, animals, people, cars, buildings and lots of atmosphere. It was extremely hot again, however being a park with trees I was able to find a little shade to sit down and rest every now and then.

I always make my way to the little gardens of flowers around the park. Here are a few flowers that caught my eye.

A small section of a long stretch of flowers
A group of ferns.

 More day 4 photos can be found on my flickr site
Naturally in a park downtown you see people. Catching them in a natural state without them seeing can be tough at times. I happened to get a few candids while sitting around the park.

These 2 stayed cool in the shade.
unfortunately this guy had to work
You can take a Segway tour while downtown.
A homeless man was out and about in the heat.
This little one looked like he was struggling to keep up.

Animals were aplenty to catch in my camera eyepiece. Birds and dogs were the animals of the day.

This guy seemed to watching me when the pigeons were wandering nearby.
This guy was too cute to pass up!

The artistic content in the square is varied and entertaining. The fountains on each end have tile inlays that are colorful with a layer of water that floats across it.

There are 4 of these faces are on a post with different expressions.
I've seen this a few times now and still not sure what the artistic had in mind.
This was hanging on a wall across the street.

I made an effort to be sure I photographed a few of the businesses that surround the park. Minute Maid Baseball field is also just down the street.

Treebeards is a popular spot to eat.
A corner cafe.

I walked around the next block over and took a few more shots to capture things along the streets.

This bell is in a clock tower across the street.
A close up of water streaming down a stone sculpture.
A wall with water flowing across the top and spouting out the side.
Water effects.

One final shot for the blog to leave you with a soft feeling!

Furry flower.

If that doesn’t work I’ll go for the cute squirrel shot!

 More day 4 photos can be found on my flickr site

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